Sunday, 16 March 2014


So for those of you unfamiliar with "Blog Wars" it is a wargaming tournament for Warhammer 40K run by a great guy called Alex who runs an excellent blog called From the Fang which I heartily recommend checking out. I have attended three of them so far and this year I intend to take a Daemons army. The fact that I currently don't own a Daemons army is a minor setback but one I hope to rectify soon. Why Daemons? Well each year I try to theme my gaming and this year I'm going for the forces of Chaos. I've completed a Emperors Children army which I took to Blog Wars 6 in the autumn, have given up on a Thousand Sons army that just can't win anything and fancy a break from power armour.

I realise Daemons are not considered to have a competitive codex at the moment without one of two types of spamming:
5 Flying monsterous creatures
The Screamer Council net-list of boringness

I hope to do something a bit different as I think the Daemons have 2 significant positives:

Daemonic Rewards: Although random they actually allow you to change your wargear for each opponent in a tournament. See what you roll up on the relevant table and if it will do well against your foe take it. If not choose either an Etherblade or your Chaos God's Weapon whichever will aid you most. For example a Khorne Herald with a lesser reward could get:
1) An assault weapon (1/3 of the time) to deal with largely unarmoured foes on the way in.
2) An Etherblade for dealing with multiple heavily armoured foes (as it's master crafted increasing hits).
3) An Axe of Khorne for dealing instant death to monsterous creatures.

Speed: With a lot of Beasts, Flyers, Jump Infantry and cavalry; plus the ability to deep strike on absolutely everything you should be able to close with your opponent and start to engage on turn 2 with half your army and turn 3 with the rest reserve rolls (boosted by instruments) permitting. Not many assault armies can manage that.

So my next post will look at what I intend to take as an army list then I'll try to get some pictures up to prettify the blog as I dabble in some painting techniques I've not tried in ages (another reason for me wanting to try daemons). So I wonder what the web thinks? Can Daemons win in a tournament?

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